Twitter Media Studio : I was signing good players & Parky was one of them - former #Preston boss David Moyes

Andy Bayes speaks to the family & friends of former Preston North End FC, Burnley FC & Blackpool FC defender Gary Parkinson, who has been living with locked-in syndrome for more than eight years

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Android : Susah meraba kalo pelatih asing. Belum ada gambaran calon kandidat. Yang jelas bukan Mourinho opo meneh David Moyes 😂😂

Android : MR. LERE What are you saying,Even David Moyes will win a trophy at Bayern. Tell me something new he brought to Napoli?None. Judge him on how he improves his players not complaining about lack of signings like your coach.

iPhone : United vs Liverpool on Sunday. We haven’t lost to those bastards in the league since David Moyes was at the club. But I think this time we’re gonna receive a fuckin battering. Like forfeit the game at halftime type of battering. No expectations, no disappointments.

Android : David Moyes and Louis van gaal were not mangers bro ..they were just regular football fans given the opportunity to manage Manchester United 😂…