Twitter Media Studio : There goes the home run derby ruining another swing. 😂


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Twitter Media Studio : Nobody tell Pete Alonso the Derby is over.

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Twitter Media Studio : Brazil: “Would you consider a job at Derby County?” 🐑

Pearce: “Absolutely not!” ❌

Brazil: “Do you think loyalty in football is out the window now?” 🤔

Pearce: “Not in my world...” 🙌

We asked Stuart Pearce about loyalty in modern football.

#NFFC fans will LOVE this 😍

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iPhone : Cette musique et cette célébration restera à jamais graver dans ma mémoire Nabil Fekir 😍
#Titanic 🚢 5 a 0 #déculottée

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Android : ⚽️ Le Derby de LA, cest cette nuit 🇺🇸👊 Sur ce choc entre #LosAngelesGalaxy et #LosAngelesFC, 5X10€ de #freebets sont en jeu 🤑 Pour participer 👉 1 RT + 1 prono sur le score mi-temps ! Conditions : #TeamParieurs #MLS

Twitter for iPad : A photo of the packed stands at The Curragh on Derby Day. What puzzles me is attendance that day was 12,000 whereas we are told capacity is 30,000 - where would you put the other 18,000 spectators?

Android : Berlin 🐊 MHSC Midi Libre Sports Nemausus Diavoletto 🐊 🇫🇷 Maxime de Nîmes 🏄🏽 Embarek🐊 Dgaizii🐊 @Jainmusic 🎵You Better cry man cry man Fabien El Croco Le 11 de Nîmes Mais après je sais que lors du derby je ne vais pas le hués mais par contre j'en veux plus a ferri peut être que c'est moins compréhensible mais quand le gars quand les joueurs de Montpellier lui disent tu jouais oû l'année dernière et qu'il répond Lyon c'est un manque de respect

Android : You look at the importance of the wing-backs to the academy teams, you look at the roles Bogle and Malone and Forsyth played at Derby last season, you look at the contributions from full-back at the most successful clubs. At every turn you begin to understand what Chelsea need.

Android : 17:e augusti tar vi över Sandviken. Passa på att boka DERBYPAKETET som innehåller matchbiljett, resa, mat och dryck.

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#GefleIF #Derbysäsongen2019 #krossaviken

iPhone : Eye Catcher after his win on Wednesday night 😍
A $4,000 buy at 19 months of age
9 starts for us for 4 wins-1 second-2 thirds a 4th in a Healesville Derby Heat and a 5th only beaten 1.5L at The Meadows

A great group of mates who own him and 1 legend of a dog ❤️🥰