iPhone : I see Lindsey Graham’s biggest issue w/ Trump’s racism is that it doesn’t go far enough - Graham wants to bring back 1950s McCarthyism, too.

GOP is doing this because they have no plan for our future.

We’re the ones fighting for healthcare, edu, good jobs, & they got nothing. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : I am sick of the loudest female voices in politics being those of radical, liberal and socialist politicians. Enough is enough! Conservative women: it is time to stand up against this attack on our President, our values and our great nation!

iPhone : Don’t you dare say our team is ‘not a welcoming place for Christians’. You weren’t around long enough to know what this team stood for. This is actually an insult to the Christians on our team. Same on you.

Android : I been here. I love it. She sells new Black brands. Black Youtubers play on the screen at checkout. All the stuff we use is in stock. And I can't stress this enough-
Nobody follows Black people around in the Black owned beauty supply. 😁 twitter.com/21Ninety/statu…

Android : You should care who your local prosecutor is & they should care enough about you to show up. DAs have a lot of power in shaping our criminal justice system & voters should be able to ask candidates critical questions. Join me tomorrow for this free event: bit.ly/HindsDA

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iPhone : As a community we’ve faced a lot of prejudice in the past, and the present can be tough too. We say, enough is enough.

Everyone deserves respect for who they are and who they love. Share our message of unity.

Find out more: Galop.org.uk #LGBT youtu.be/0QQyH5uwquU

Android : Ilhan Omar Hold him accountable for his crimes against humanity. His words are the least of it. The children in concentration camps is bad enough, but what he has done to the children of Yemen is evil on a whole other level. It's time for war crimes and crimes against humanity trials!

iPhone : It will be fascinating to see if President Trump wins his dice roll against four radical congresswomen. Mr. Trump is gambling that Americans have had enough of the radical left.


iPhone : Code Unicorn hi ashley a big fan i sent you a friend request please anwser i wanna join your games but don’t know how i also wanna join your discord but don’t have enough monney my user name is aubrie96 and you inspired me to have a youtube channel and do roblox on it like you

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Android : Being a manager @ #BTSWORLD is really hard because you're lucky enough if you got the right cards and upgrade its level just to pass each story's mission... brrrrrr plus! You have all the gifts for the members so that they won't be tired or exhausted grrrr