Twitter Web Client : DMB is excited to announce a 12-city arena tour kicking off on Nov 27 in Columbus, OH. The east coast trek will include a two-night stand at NY’s famed MSG on Nov 29 & 30 as well as 2 hometown shows in CVille, VA on Dec 14 & 15: #DMB20

Sprinklr : Were taking flight starting in 2020 with five new projects that will investigate a range of pressing NASA Earth science questions, from what drives intense East Coast snowfall events to the impact of small-scale ocean currents on global climate. Details:

iPhone : Phew! That was intense....I mean I can't...gah...ONLY ONE EPISODE LEFT!!! Thanks for joining, East Coast :) Hope you loved episode 9. West Coast...I'll see you soon...for #TheOutpost #LiveTweet

iPhone : Arlene💫 ♒️ Mike McIntire Seth Abramson We all knew those guys in college & went to those raging house parties w/friends who wanted to be w/the “cool kids”. Red flags always went off for me whenever I went to one. East or west coast doesn’t’s the belligerent privileged attitude that’s the lasting problem.

TweetDeck : I don't think it was The East Coast Mob that killed Bugsy.

I'm convinced it was the Hollywood Heavyweights (led by Joe Shenk) that erased Bugsy for messing wigh Billy...the freaking founder of the 'Hollywood Reporter' magazine. Billy was one of the most powerful man in America