iPhone : I wrote about the Elon Musk trial and the new American aristocracy, techno-robber barons unburdened by noblesse oblige.

The Musk revealed at the trial was like an outsize Tom Buchanan - powerful, careless and cruel.


SocialFlow : Elon Musk wants humans to become a "multiplanetary species". He has bold plans for making it happen econ.st/2sktssc

iPhone : Setelah sukses dengan bisnis transportasi luar angkasa, salah satu tokoh teknologi dunia, Elon Musk tengah menciptakan proyek terbarunya. #TelkomTekno #SelaluAda #UntukIndonesia

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Twitter Web App : the chapo lads coming over for the election has a v similar vibe to elon musk turning up at the thai cave with his submarine

iPhone : Saudi Aramco should retain Elon Musk as head of Investor Relations. $10 trillion market cap by year end 2020. ⛽️

Cheap Bots, Done Quick! : What if Elon Musk wants to start a family? What will happen to The United States of America if he just gets pregnant and moves off to a rave in Ibiza?

Android : Patiently waiting for Elon Musk to drive on stage tomorrow during Reggies presentation with his new Warthog version of the future truck while the Halo theme is playing and they announce together as the 5th DLC Master Chief. Game awards about to be amazing.

iPhone : a azealia chegando na mansão do elon musk sem suspeitar que foi convidada pra um menage

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Android : Elon Musk, el exitoso empresario, parece llevar mucho más tiempo del que pensamos en el mundo de los autos.

El día de ayer, su madre nos compartió esta foto que encontró de 1995.

¡Estaba reparando algo en la puerta! 🤔

Twitter Web App : *gasp*
Were getting Elon Musk for Christmas!
And video games...I think?