iPhone : I see Lindsey Graham’s biggest issue w/ Trump’s racism is that it doesn’t go far enough - Graham wants to bring back 1950s McCarthyism, too.

GOP is doing this because they have no plan for our future.

We’re the ones fighting for healthcare, edu, good jobs, & they got nothing. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : I am sick of the loudest female voices in politics being those of radical, liberal and socialist politicians. Enough is enough! Conservative women: it is time to stand up against this attack on our President, our values and our great nation!

iPhone : Don’t you dare say our team is ‘not a welcoming place for Christians’. You weren’t around long enough to know what this team stood for. This is actually an insult to the Christians on our team. Same on you.

Android : Mature enough t admit that I’ve had some toxic traits myself, I treated people bad when I wasn’t happy . I’ve hurt people cuz i was hurting, owning up to being the bad prsn is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had t do , i hate being wrong but im working on me & being better .

iPhone : Hey Zach, Ive had enough of your BULLSHIT. Its been 6 YEARS since I let you borrow $5 from me. But now you can afford to go on a cruise??? This is your DISS TRACK. Pay up bitch

Android : Dating me and putting my pic on your dp is not enough. I want to be your ringing tone.

those at the back can you hear me?

Android : Jack Dart You forgot 3. The EU version of democracy requires that the people should be ignored until they have voted enough times to come up with the "right" answer. Simple.

Many MPs seem to think this way too, which is why they have been prepared to betray their constituents.

Twitter Web Client : 3 days ago this beautiful soul named Bianca felt empowered enough to use the #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike hashtag and submit her photo to the Instagram page. Now Im hearing that shes been killed and the murder video is going viral. Im horrified. Im so sorry. #RIPBianca

iPhone : Babes there are women out here who can’t have children and you’re crying over the childs gender get a fucking grip🥴 is a healthy baby not enough?? twitter.com/___overdose/st…

Twitter Web Client : KELLCEY This story not only bears witness to what countless other women have gone through, but also offers a message of hope. Kellcey is a resilient young woman who is brave enough to speak her truth, face it, & work to heal. #KaceyKells #MeToo #Rape amazon.com/Kellcey-Kacey-… …

iPhone : People that think the central line is only disgusting in the summer don’t get the central line often enough twitter.com/ashindestad/st…

Instagram : One quick night in #losangeles is just enough time to see the beach and relax. #beachview #redondobeach #dreamscape #waves #beautyiseverywhere #livingmybestlife #vacation #girlstrip #relaxation #choosejoy @ Redondo… instagram.com/p/Bz_EC17h6nB/…

Twitter Web App : ‘Corporate social responsibility’ and ‘community relations’ have been trendy buzzwords for years, but is your #company doing enough? Read our latest blog post on how to become a positive corporate citizen: bit.ly/2xRufAt