iPhone : Chicharito. Another who suffered in post Ferguson talent purge. Confident and scoring under a boss who rates him, he could still be at MUFC.

Twitter Web Client : Of the $36M corporations poured into Ferguson after the killing of #MikeBrown, only $2.4M has directly benefited the southeast neighborhood where Mike Brown was killed.

The rest has gone to wealthier, whiter parts of the city, deepening the economic gap: washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/…

Twitter Lite : what is being done to puerto rico... what is being done to asylum seekers and immigrants... what was done in ferguson... what was done to flint... it’s all a rehearsal for what will eventually be done to you.

iPhone : Big props going out to MWA-NY/CT co-chairs @ChrisKnopf (R, yellow shirt) and CharlesSalzberg (with SJ Rozan) for putting together a CrimeCONN to remember at the Ferguson Library in Stamford yesterday. Attendance, content, experts, and fun—a total success!