Twitter for iPad : “The rejection of Labour's cheap, desperate attempt to buy votes with offers like free broadband, has also been virulent.” 1…

iPhone : CWU members heading to the ballot box remember your union has helped to secure commitments from Labour on:

Renationalisation of Royal Mail ✅

National postbank ✅

Part-renationalisation of BT and free fibre Broadband ✅

32 hour working week ✅

#VoteLabour #GE2019

TweetDeck : Labour will save an average family £6,700
🔥£559 on energy bills
💧£113 on water bills
💻£364 on broadband
🚆£2,194 on a pair of season rail tickets
👶£2,941 for childcare per child
💊£108 a year for a monthly prescription
🍽£437 on free school meals
#OnYourSide #VoteLabour2019

Android : Richard Burgon Just maybe, possibly, free broadband, extra bank holidays, and nationalising stuff wasn't high on the wish list of "the many".
And just maybe Corbyn is more popular with the few in your party than the many in the polling stations.

Twitter Web App : The British people literally rejected free high speed broadband internet.


iPhone : Lewis Goodall 2/2 The next leader must also pick his/her battles carefully. Dreamy stuff like the provision of free broadband should be jettisoned. Focus must be on the three Cs (Country, Citizen and Community) which are of importance to voters in the north and south.

Twitter Web App : Darren A I don't think their vote came down to literally that Darren. Anyone would still love free high speed broadband :)