Twitter Web App : Jerry Jones says Jason Garrett will remain the coach but I can confirm a very real interest in Urban Meyer. In fact, I'm told Stephen Jones spoke with him recently. Lincoln Riley remains a strong candidate & file this name as a possibility Clemson OC Tony Elliott per sources.

iPhone : If the Cowboys lose this game, Garrett has to be gone tomorrow. I know Jerry desperately wants to keep him through the season and they can still win the division, but the team looks lifeless. How much longer are you going to allow this to happen? They are too talented.

iPhone : Jerry Jones has been addicted to Jason Garrett. Addicts need to hit rock bottom. We’re almost there. Almost. But, there’s still more pain and wreckage ahead.

iPhone : RT if you from the 260🙌🏽
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Twitter Web App : 【12月9日入荷予定】Garrett David - The Queen! Tracks Pt. 2 [Stripped & Chewed]

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iPhone : Every one: do you guys have any plans on making any improvements where you need them
Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett: No

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