Twitter Web Client : Israel’s Supreme Court rejected a plea from 6 human rights groups to declare opening fire on unarmed civilians unlawful.

100+ Palestinian protesters in Gaza have been killed by Israeli fire since March.

Twitter Web Client : UK govt is now completely supporting the Israel line on Gaza killings, claiming protests were “hijacked by terrorists” and recognising Israel’s right “to act proportionately in self-defence”. Self defence!

Hootsuite : Amy Goodman writes, on Gaza: "Lies take lives. An investigation is not enough. The occupation must end, and those responsible for the slaughter must be held accountable."

Android : A short while ago, IDF troops identified 4 Palestinian suspects who infiltrated Israel from the southern Gaza Strip and set a tire on fire. IDF troops arrived at the scene and fired towards the suspects, who fled back into the Gaza Strip

Android : Watch @Intifadas video Israel targets journalists in Gaza: I was wearing a helmet and a vest clearly marked with the word press. I was shocked that the occupation fired directly and deliberately at me. #greatreturnmarch

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Android : For all those who questioned me when I said the tragic death of the 8 month old baby was not #Israel’s doing. Unfortunately lies are half way around the world before the truth has its boots on… The Guardian

Twitter Lite : Yemen is facing its worst humanitarian Crisis.
Venezuelan kids dying of hunger.
North Korea is testing Nukes.
South Sudan needs Aid.
Violence in Gaza.

And UN is worried over a puny hack called Rana Ayyub. Priorities.…

iPhone : – Inngangshullene er på størrelse med en pennespiss, men utgangshullet kan være så stor som en hånd. Det kan bety at de skytes på med ekspanderende kuler. Legene her har aldri sett noe lignende. Det rapporterer våre kolleger i Gaza, les mer om hendelsene:…

iPhone : Palestinians previously shot by Israeli snipers took part in protests on Friday in Gaza. Their bodies are injured but their determination to be free of Israeli siege, occupation and terror is bullet proof.…

Twitter Web Client : 🇧🇪 #Belgium : Why is the double standard policy? Why don’t we intervene with other countries to impose sanctions on #Israel?
A #Belgian MP stands in solidarity with #Gaza and slams the International Community for ignoring the #Israeli crimes.
#palestine #bds #jerusalem

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iPhone : 4277 Palestinians travel through Rafah crossing - #Palestine #Gaza

iPhone : Ein Besuch auf dem Gemüsemarkt in Gaza-City zeigt, dass es in Gaza an nichts fehlt. Von Aprikosen über Fleisch und Fisch bis Zucchetti ist alles in üppiger Fülle vorhanden.

iPhone : N'oubliez pas qu'aujourd'hui, les luttes de l'immigration & des quartiers populaires prendront le cortège de tête de la #MaréePopulaire. Plusieurs orgas ont répondu à l'appel du comité Adama : le FUIQP, Mwasi, le Collectif Asiatique Décolonial, Gaza ZAD, collectifs d'étudiants...