TweetDeck : You have until 10pm tonight to vote to get Brexit done!

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iPhone : The British public in 2050 when Brexit isn’t done and they’re still voting Tory to ‘get Brexit done’:

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Android : Tories had two big lies, 'get Brexit done' and 'antisemitism':
Labour had an ambitious programme of social reform.
Tories had a posh racist liar who hid in a fridge: Labour had a committed, passionate socialist.
Which did the British people choose?
The racist liar in the fridge.

Twitter for iPad : Well, that was a hell of a ‘People’s Vote’ wasn’t it?! Massive majority to Conservatives wanting to get Brexit done; party of Brexit revocation routed and Leader gone; Party of devious Remain in Labour severely mauled. Don’t mess with the British people!!!

Android : Boris Johnson has secured an electoral victory and on the basis of probably the greenest manifesto of any party elected to power in the UK.

"We have the strongest government for almost 20 years. It can get stuff done, not only Brexit" says Shaun Spiers…

Android : Thank you to the whole Conservatives family. Your hard work will let us get Brexit done and be the #PeoplesGovernment

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iPhone : But let’s get Brexit done…

Twitter Web App : McKenna Russian Agent Ghost Having a definitive Brexit stance, apparently. Labour was highly vague whileTories just said they'd get it done. Doesn't change that they've fucked themselves over. I almost feel bitter, despite not being a Brit. Trying hard not to stop being empathetic because many will suffer.

iPhone : To successfully tap into the working class psyche you don't need a programme of government or even a manifestio anymore, simply populist slogans is enough like - "Make America Great Again" and "Get Brexit Done" #GE2019