Android : ..difference because,as the Ghanaians say,"all die be die". BH & Fulani have collectively slaughtered more Nigerians in the last four years than at any other time in our history.They are slaughtering us like flies every day and the best you can do is to mock us and say this?7/10

Android : #THEBIGSTORY: Government distributes 307 ambulances in fulfillment of 1 Constituency, 1 Ambulance promise

Are Ghanaians happy now?


GhanaNewsSummary :…

Majority of Ghanaians don't want partisan participation in local government

Twitter Web App : Akufo-Addo told Ghanaians he personally stopped ambulance distribution because of favouritism and that he was waiting for more ambulances to arrive.
today, they say their distributing ambulances.
where are the extra he claimed he was waiting for?
or the favouritism has vanished?

iPhone : Fire in Accra Academy #Accra #Ghana #ghanaians

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Twitter Web App : Let me tell you how Ghanaians rate a movie
1.The drama
2.The action
3.Chaw sex scenes( if this no part dier 3.2 sef you no go get🙁)
4.The tits and dicks
5.the lies
6.The kills
7.Driving skills
They totally ignore what the director wants to depict through the movie