Sprinklr : Check out what’s coming to Ghost War in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

More details >> ghostrecon.com/ghostwar

SnappyTV.com : Go behind enemy lines for the first glimpse of Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Ghost War multiplayer mode. #InsideXbox

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Microsoft PowerApps and Flow : ♫ #NowPlaying Ghost - He Is bit.ly/2P5Qv54 F-Channel ♫

iPhone : Ghost and Celeste interacting is interesting bc Ghost’s Crest scares the everloving hell out of Celeste re: dying and coming back over and over again and so Celeste tries to prevent it as best as possible and then postskip Ghost start just using dying like a fuckin tactic

Android : #あなたが銃を製作したら

Twitter Web App : We love #WestCarleton history. But we also love primary sources. So, when you want to know the history of Pinheys Point, you speak to a Pinhey, obvs:
(PAYWALL - $50 a year for the continued coverage of the ongoing history of West Carleton): westcarletononline.com/pinheys-point-…

Android : Posso ser assim, como vos posso dar ghost e responder quando me apetecer só twitter.com/kevin_mendes_/…