iPhone : one time as a fact checker i flagged art for the review of the new ghostbusters that inexplicably left out leslie jones for some reason. the artist did a new sketch that made her super tiny, in the back. i flagged it again. im not sorry i did twitter.com/mjschulman/sta…

Wildmoka : John Zabrucky has been creating movie props for more than 40 years, including iconic ones like the psychokinetic energy meter in Ghostbusters. Sarah Harman takes you inside his prop warehouse in Los Angeles before he closes up shop.

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Twitter Web App : Not saying Chuck Schumer told an invisible man to get out of his chair... just saying its hilarious when you mash that clip with the Ghostbusters commercial. 🤣

At least something entertaining came out of this #ImpeachmentTrial...

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iPhone : Thread!
Autism and Repetition, or...

"Yes, I've seen Ghostbusters 62 times; what of it?"

(Please retweet, so it turns up repeatedly on folks' timelines. That'll be funny.) /1

Android : Randall? yes! I've been to a few, I actually really enjoyed the new Ghostbusters movie in 4D lol. The seats moved and lights flashed and I got spritzed with water and wind and I giggled a lot