TweetDeck : The person that Trump wants as CIA director, Gina Haspel, ran the agency’s “interrogation program” — aka the torture program. Here are some of the horrors that program entailed.…

SocialFlow : The “Nuremberg defense,” in which accused state they were “only following orders” is what Washington, D.C., elites are saying to defend Gina Haspel, Trump's pick for CIA director.

Android : Sen. Rand Paul says he’ll “do whatever it takes” to block the appointments of Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo, including filibustering. #CNNSOTU

Twitter for iPad : President Trump & President Reagan both responsible for elevating women
Breaking Glass Ceilings!
Sandra Day OConnor appointed as 1st Female Supreme Court Justice &
Gina Haspel nominated as 1st Female CIA Director

Great MAGA Presidents
#TheRubyRockstar 🎸

Android : Trump indica Gina Haspel como a nova DIRETORA da CIA, ela será a PRIMEIRA mulher a comandar a agência. Não vi nenhuma feminista comemorando, por que será? 🤔…

Vinz Clortho : Is There a Warrant for CIA Director Nominee Gina Haspel’s Arrest?…

iPhone : Senator Rand Paul said he’ll “Filibuster” the confirmation of Gina Haspel for CIA Director citing she’s too tough. Really? I’ll bet Rand would have been happy to have her toughness over his house the day his neighbor paid him an unannounced visit‼️👊🏻