iPhone : Thanos commits these genocidal crimes bc he wants to win the affection of Lady death....boredom makes you google the origin stories of villains 😂

Android : sopie Ughh this happens a lot 😫and I usually just open up google pics or my phone gallery and just look at pics that make me smile (melissa, my daddies, thanos dick). Seeing the images calm me down and help orrr you can open up some sappy fanfic 💖💖

Facebook : Keith Whittier This is for you buddy.

askvg.com/enjoy-thanos-e… askvg.com/enjoy-thanos-e…

iPhone : Quick google search: Iron Man and Captain America both have died multiple times in the comics since the 60s. Thor girl created in 2000. Hulk got his ass whooped by Thanos. A beating like that would humble anyone. Ask any professional fighter that took huge L in real life. twitter.com/pathtomanlines…

Android : Type thanos on you google and click the gauntlet image, you’ll become #thanos

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galera adicionei no drive as HQs do imperativo thanos, a finalização dessa fase do v2 dos guardiões.

gotg v2 - 2008
imperativo thanos - 2010

link (as duas pastas): drive.google.com/folderview?id=…

aproveitem e leiam essa conclusão da saga!!!!

iPhone : Carl Malone 🇩🇰 Mikkel Krogh Hydras JDV Stop nu jeres hippi pjat og kristendoms pis indrøm jeg er verdens måske bedste google offline computer gamer. Det kan godt være at den slags highscore er uopnåelig for jer undermålere (160 siger ik mere) men jeg er Googles offline dino spils thanos. Lev med det tumper. Vh Daniel.

Twitter Web App : Adrian Palacios I logged into a client account today and it was there. I thought Google Attribution had pulled a Thanos...