SocialFlow : In honor of Gossip Girl’s impending return, here are 9 Upper East Sider-approved headbands.

PinkVilla : EXCLUSIVE: Birthday girl Surbhi Chandna on her birthday plans, why Sanjivani is special and more; WATCH -… #SurbhiChandna #Sanjivani #HappyBirthdaySurbhiChandna Surbhi Chandna : ネイト・アーチボルドは男娼婦。ダン・ハンフリーは究極の黒幕。チャック・バスはいくじなし。ブレア・ウォルドーフは弱虫。そしてセリーナ・ヴァンダーウッドセンは本日を持ってもはやどうでもいい過去の人。卒業おめでとうみんな、よくやったね!(Gossip Girl) #xoxoJP

iPhone : gossip girl, mas se tornou a minha preferida pelo romance de blair e chuck (apesar de ser um pouco tóxico no início)…

iPhone : amerikalıların tek güzel geleneği thanksgiving olabilir ve gossip girl’de çok güzel yansıtmışlar bunu, herkes ait olduğu yerde ne olursa olsun ailesiyle beraber olmalı ve kutlamalı mantığı çok hoşuma gidiyor

iPhone : rewatching gossip girl and forgot how much I can’t stand Serena... love Blake lively tho lol

ClinicallyChillBot : I wanna throw a gossip girl themed party where everyone shows up in their early/mid 20s is definitely a cry for ~a minute and then emphatically apply for 3 more positions.