iPhone : I usually find this many people in the green room preceding one of my public speaking events. She seems genuinely excited to see that a couple of dozen people are in her camp twitter.com/buzzman888/sta…

Twitter Media Studio : Coal miners are not the enemy. Oil rig workers are not the enemy. Climate change is the enemy. When we pass a Green New Deal we will ensure a just transition for all workers.

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iPhone : Vladimir Putin led a coordinated attack on our democracy—and President Trump's response is to invite him back into G7. Once again, Trump is providing Putin with a green light to interfere in our elections. He must be impeached. twitter.com/jenniferjjacob…

Android : Nobody can build the bridge for you to walk across the river of life, no one but yourself.- Friedrich Nietzsche ☆ ART SHOP 》 etsy.com/listing/717870… #contemporaryart #abstractart #artist #painting #acrylicpainting #fineart #lasvegasart #abstractartist #abstractexpressionism

Android : The idol with a (in)famous reaction time

Red Velvet Seulgi

Ever since they debuted, Seulgi has been famous since her reactions are always one beat behind the other members + it’s so cute

She’s not the slow one, everyone else is just moving too fast 😂

instiz.net/fan/1123405?ca… pic.twitter.com/bYsWFy3mX5

Twitter Web App : How beauteous is Autumn!
As the leaves begin to change.
As colors turn from green to red, fading into black.
As the Forest sleeps, unwitting.
As The World Turns, so too must there be an end to each Season.
Oh! That Fall never shrouds us in anything but slumber.
Hillary Clinton

Android : 👑 Conteo de votos por equipos 👑

TEAM YELLOW 💛 9.428 + 121 RTs

TEAM GREEN 💚 5.515 + 136 RTs

TEAM PURPLE 💜 535 + 91 RTs

Total de votos = 15.826 🏆

Muchas gracias a todos por haber participado 💛💚💜

#MPN #BTS #ARMY #BoyWithLuv 방탄소년단

Android : #6thAFRIMAnominees Best African DJ

Black Coffee & David Guetta (South Africa), DJ Africano (Morocco), DJ Maphorisa & DJ Raybel (South Africa), DJ Moh Green (Algeria), DJ Neptune (Nigeria), DJ Spinall (Nigeria), DJ Tunez (Nigeria), DJ Zinhle (South Africa), RJ the DJ (Tanzania)

Twitter Web App : Green Beret wrongfully accused of killing suspected TALIBAN BOMB MAKER facing ‘agonizing’ wait for trial, wife says: He was cleared. Ten years on, this hero is still being persecuted. @realdonaldtrump, please right this terrible wrong. dlvr.it/RBsTys