iPhone : The US has decreased emissions by shifting to natural gas and more efficient technology. The future is in carbon capture, nuclear, and exporting cleaner natural gas to coal-burning countries- NOT a Green New Deal.

Let’s focus on what works, and keeps our economy strong. twitter.com/humanprogress/…

Android : 나도 이갈리아의 딸들 첫 장 용어 읽자마자 머리가 띵했음 용어설명 외에도 형제국→자매국 같이 자잘한 용어 하나도 바꾸는 거 보고 이게 이래서 페미니즘 교본이라는 거구나..싶음 이토록 완벽한 미러링은 못 봤어 twitter.com/gyunill_/statu…

iPhone : よく富裕層に課税すると外国に逃げるって人いるけど、税金も払わず他人に還元する気もないなら無理に国内にいてもらっても別にプラスないじゃん。

twittbot.net : 日本国憲法1:「憲法は国民が国家権力を縛るもの、第99条憲法尊重擁護義務のある首相が改憲を推進するのはけしからん」という意見があるが、憲法は条文変更を規定しており、憲法96条に基づいている。日本国憲法も大日本帝国憲法を第73条に基づき改正した形。的外れな批判

iPhone : My #motivationmonday pic is this slab of glass I made last week for a project. The reason it motivates me so much is that it contains 8 colours yet it was made with just 2 + clear, in 3 layers! One reason why #glassfusing is so awesome!! 😜 #bullseyeglass #green #blue #kentartist

Twitter Web Client : Under the pier.

Its hard to believe that these rusty old weather beaten poles are what keep the Brighton pier standing.

And yes, the water really was that green. After seeing the brown of the Thames for so long, it was quite lovely.

#brightonrocks #brighton #brightonpier…