TweetDeck : Another school shooting. How long will we go on like this? No kid should fear their safety in school & no parent should worry whether their kid will come home.

Our hearts go out to Santa Clarita, but prayers aren't enough. We need real gun reform to make our schools safer.

iPhone : Praying for our country and for the hearts of all our people to be shifted in a mighty way Lord. We have a heart problem in this country and we need love and compassion restored.
~ Kaya

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iPhone : JM: CL saw that too, saw mine(?) too, we all saw that, so us Dreamies really know everyone’s hearts enough. We haven’t gotten to know fully, but I think I really can feel how much everyone loves us. I love you everyone.

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Twitter Web App : Lista de lanzamientos #manga de NormaEdManga para el mes de diciembre. Destaca la publicación del primer volumen de Los apuntes de Vanitas, de la autora de Pandora Hearts -…

iPhone : Let us love not in word and speech, but in action and truth. And by this we will know that we belong to the TRUTH, and will assure our hearts in His presence. 1 John 3:18-19

iPhone : Does having been impeached help or hurt a president seeking re-election? Obvious answer: It hurts. Democrats know that. Doesn't that raise questions about motive? They can talk all they want about prayers and heavy hearts. But they're doing this to win an election, no?

Twitter Web App : Alister discovers that the dream girl he painted, Madeline Hatter, is not only real but also in grave danger from the King of Hearts!
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Twitter Web App : 2019年11月28日(木)大塚Hearts+






iPhone : Someone broke into my dads truck and stole his blankets, pillow, and duffel bag of clothes. His immediate reaction was to defend it by saying that person probably needed it more and hoped he/she had a good night sleep with warm blankets. 🥺 Punjabi dads have the biggest hearts.