Twitter Web App : When the voters will vote for a candidate when he is with the Congress and will
vote for him when he defects to BJP,
can we say that Indian politics has acquired a transcendence & formlessness that makes India=Heaven.

iPhone : Indian Islamists and leftists who hailed Pakistan as the heaven for minorities and advised India to learn from it, now want India to accommodate Muslim immigrants fleeing Pakistan’s sectarian violence.

Why would any Muslim or for that matter, any person flee a heaven?


1. Kobe
2. Single
3. Heaven
4. 10k
5. IG
6. M
7. Cosb-R
8. Fil-Kor
9. None
10. None
11. Cucumber/ketchup etc
12. 2019
13. Clothes
14. D ka bobo mama!! Engot ka lang !! gaile | ust ipasa mo naman ako

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Twitter Web App : 【ミニイベント】プリズムライブバトル『SEVEN DAYS HEAVEN』開催中です!課題曲はこちら!


#キンプリラッシュ #プリララ #7DH

Android : Pero it's okay, as long as not gay yung plastada. Bc oh boi mga bakla are going to hell daw, but being a fucking straight meathead who objectifies women will send you to heaven.

Hmmmmm cheers.

Android : Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] B2タペストリー 間桐桜[シーズナルプランツ]⇒…