Twitter Web App : Sisa turnamen BWF World Tour (Super 500+) di tahun 2019:

Korea Open Super 500

Denmark Open Super 750
French Open Super 750

Fuzhou China Open Super 750
Hong Kong Open Super 500

BWF World Tour Finals

Are you guys EXCITED?

iPhone : The Police are arresting first aiders. This is a SHAME and utter abuse of power. The international community should condemn the series of humanitarian crisis happening in HONG KONG.

SocialFlow : Twitter took down nearly 1,000 accounts that it said were part of a state-directed effort by China to undermine the antigovernment protests in Hong Kong. Here is a look at their activities.

iPhone : Have you ever heard of another country chanting for Obama or any other American President?

Citizens of London, France, Hong Kong, Venezuela have all taken to the streets holding American flags and chanting “we love Trump give us Trump”

I am so proud to be a Trump supporter.

Twitter for iPad : Arrested Hong Kong citizen dragged to a back alley and KICKED by #HongKongPolice last night at Yuen Long.

Very disturbing.


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Twitter for iPad : Opinion: "The CCTV footage should be released immediately and legal reform implemented so that such a devastating erosion of public trust in government agencies and public bodies does not occur again," writes Vincent Wong.… Vincent Wong #hongkong #antiELAB

Android : Tout notre soutien à Jami Matamala qui est obligé de retourner à l’exil. En Europe, au XXI ème siècle. Dans cette même Europe qui critique la Turquie et le Venezuela. Dans cette même Europe qui “défend” les droits de l’homme à Hong Kong.…

Twitter Web App : Chinese flag destroyed as protests continue for 16th straight weekend in Hong Kong

Android : Hong Kong is a paradise for billionaires and well-heeled shoppers, and also home to over 1.37 million residents trapped in poverty. Click to see the plight of one of them

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Twitter Web App : Tear gas in Sha Tin as Hong Kong protesters vandalise MTR station, burn makeshift barricades and target 'pro-gov't' firms… via @hongkongfp

iPhone : An emotional police officer pulls and arrest a Hong Kong citizen who just stand on the street.

相關討論︰190922 太子現場

#太子 #警察 #chinazi #AntiELAB #LIHKG #HongKongPolice #HongKongProtest

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