iPhone : “When you forget to charge The Infinity gauntlet “

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Twitter Web Client : Comicbook.com And this is who will be wielding the Infinity Gauntlet

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Android : Luchador & mask maker Mister Cacao, dengan topeng yang terinspirasi Thanos berikut Infinity Gauntlet.



Twitter Web Client : Nova is on 2 variant covers for Marvel Comics #1000. One is of the Infinity Gauntlet and the other a massive collage.

The issue features the entirety of the Marvel Universe of characters! so fingers crossed for Nova and #NewWarriors!

The historic issue is on sale August 28th!

Buffer : The Avengers Marvel Legends Nano Gauntlet is up for preorder! (not charged til it ships)

(yes you can flip people off with this)


- The Infinity Gauntlet of this is selling for 2x retail- now sold out on their website!