Twitter Web App : Reports that 3 Turkish diplomats have been shot dead in #Erbil, northern Iraq. One is reported to be the deputy Consul General. More to follow.

iPhone : .Nancy Pelosi,

One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed in politics was the number of your colleagues who publicly accused President GWB of “lying us into the Iraq war.” Was there House resolution condemning democrats for chanting “Bush lied. People died”?

IFTTT : الانواء الجوية: ارتفاع درجات الحرارة تدريجيا بدءا من السبت المقبل

TenArmedRobot : The Iraq war800,000 deaths2. I was born to watch the new laws have the….

IFTTT : ناديا مراد : الأيزيدين لا يستطيعون العودة إلى مناطقهم بسبب النزاع بين الحكومتين العراقية والكردية

Twitter Web Client : #60Minutes #Flashback - working with fearless, active-duty American soldiers in 2007 who risked their careers to denounce the war in Iraq - One of the most humbling experiences I've ever had.

IFTTT : النزاهة تُوضِحُ تفاصيل ضبطها ستين حاوية محملة بمواد غذائية في ميناء أم قصر

Twitter Web App : Javad Zarif So d Europeans hunts down Africans, those who they can bully, trial them in d international court of justice. But they forget Israels killings of ordinary Palastinians, 100 000's of civiliance in Libia, Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam and d nukes on Japan& Guantánamo Bay.#war crimes

iPhone : The war on Saddam left 1.8 M. people homeless
and Iraq's electricity, water, sewage, communications, health, agricultural, industrial infrastructure in ruins,
producing conditions for FAMINE and EPIDEMICS.

You can no more bomb you way to peace
than #vaccinate your way to health

iPhone : #Vaccination is war
The virus is Saddam Hussein.
The body is Iraq.
The goal is to overthrow the virus Saddam.
In the process no one counts collateral damage
or takes into account the destruction of infrastructure
or cares that the body is reduced to a basketcase.