iPhone : السعودية طلعوا بروايتهم عن الخاشقجي:
- نحنا ما كان بدنا نقتلو
- بعتنا ١٥ من المخابرات لنخطفو (جميييل)
- قام صار تعارك (يعني الخاشقجي لحالو ضد ال١٥ بالقنصلية: a la james bond)
- قام مات بالغلط
- وبالسعودية ما معهن خبر
اخراج اعتقال الحريري بعدو احسن والله.
في تراجع من سنة لليوم.

Android : Seriously. Miss me if you think Release the Spyce is a ripoff of Princess Principal because while yes there are similar themes, they're are not the same.

That's like saying Charlie's Angels is a ripoff of James Bond. See how stupid that sounds?

Android : James Bond going into a diner, choosing a seat at the counter, then politely asking if he can move to a booth and struggling to carry his water, coffee and menu over to it in one trip

Twitter for iPad : James Bond was a trailblazer in espionage thrillers, but now it's become an inspiration for cultural celebrations. #dayofthedead #jamesbond #film #travel