iPhone : It’s reasonable to conclude that anyone who calls me “alt-right” is trying to protect James Gunn and people like him; otherwise why the smear campaign based on a label I rejected over two years ago?

iPhone : James Gunn's New Sony Horror Movie Is Coming This November
#WeAreGroot #RehireJamesGunn #IStandWithJamesGunn #NoGunnNoGuardians #JamesGunnDidNothingWrong

Twitter Web Client : Ni Marvel, ni DC, James Gunn ha sido contratado por Sony Pictures para trabajar en una película de terror.
Screenrant ha sido el medio en dar la noticia y como tal, la película se espera para el 30 de Noviembre.

Android : Somebody is making James Gunn take the fall for something much bigger than him. This story ain't adding up.

Android : BREAKING: James Gunn tells fans to “move the f*ck on” with their lives.

“I was fired. I’m not coming back. Please don’t turn this into a Snyder Cut thing.”

Twitterrific for Mac : If only there was a film festival which loves both horror movies and James Gunn and is attended by at least one person who loves Elizabeth Banks some time between now and November… screenrant.com/james-gunn-son…

Android : After recent events, James Gunn's movies won't be needing any more titles. I'll watch anything called James Gunn's Horror Movie 1, 2, 3... James Gunn's Space Adventure, or even some movie called James Gunn's Bus People... twitter.com/getFANDOM/stat…