Twitter Web App : 【動画更新】グルメ企画連敗中のゆうぴーが下克上宣言!果たして結果は…👇
HiHi Jets【真ん中争奪】横浜中華街で値段予想バトル!
#HiHiJets #YouTube #ジャニーズJrチャンネル

iPhone : Sam Darnold walked into Adam Gase's office and told him his offense stinks and we have to clean this shit up. This is what Adam Gase's needed. He is not the coach that will go talk to players. Darnold showed Gase who the King is and they've won two in a row. #Jets

iPhone : Ezekiel Elliott) 's Twitter Profile">Ezekiel Elliott Came to the Jets game Zeke, off game for everyone. I feel the rush and tide turning. You’re about to lay 125 on the Patriots. Hope too see you guys later this year Ezekiel Elliott) 's Twitter Profile">Ezekiel Elliott #Cowboys #zeke

iPhone : #Jets relied on 4-man pass rush, sacking Dwayne Haskins 4 times and intercepting him when sending standard pressure. Jets’ 4-man pass rush has 8 sacks in last 2 games after totaling 5 in first 8 games combined. Qualifier: Not all 4-man rushes are alike; Jets use DBs as well.

iPhone : Today at FP: looking at completion percentage (X-Axis) and the percentage of passing plays that results in first downs (Y-Axis).

Jets, Bears, and Steelers have bad offenses but meaningless cmp% that are relatively good…

iPhone : Pay just £2.50 to enter a raffle for a chance to win this extra large New York Jets #Jets jersey.

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iPhone : #Jets have won two in a row so I'm not gonna shit on anyone today but you guys better figure out why most of you called Q Williams the "best player in the draft" bc boy .... he ain't it. #Jets

Twitter Web App : #Raiders tilt with Chiefs on Dec. 1 moved to the afternoon 1 p.m. (PST) slot.
If Oakland takes care of business against Jets, that matchup could have top of food chain in AFC West ramifications.
The flex also means Gruden's team has only 1 more 10 a.m. start left (Jets).

iPhone : Shermichael Singleton Couldn’t agree more. Why is it that people think a president is not suppose to be successful after office. You want the man to live in the projects to please you? No ones harping on Sanders private jets or being a millionaire. God forbid you’re successful. 😩😩

iPhone : A note on TE Ryan Griffin, who had five catches for a career-high 109 yards and 1 TD: It was the first 100-yard game by a Jets TE since Dustin Keller in 2011. #Jets

Android : Robert Reich all the little worker bees pay taxes on everything we earn, purchase and own...while wealthy exploit every method to avoid paying taxes even on their multi-million dollar toys like yachts and jets. And megachurches.

Android : Edward Mullan I actually have one but it's now in the attic for many many years

Trying a limescale removing bleach at the moment that the nozzle conveniently match's the input side of the jets.