Twitter Web App : Let me get this straight. An NHS nurse who is an EU national and happens to be on holiday won’t be able to get back into the UK? Are you serious? What an absolute disgrace of a government. Boris Johnson should be ashamed of himself.…

SocialFlow : Dwayne The Rock Johnson got married yesterday! Congratulations to him and his wife on taking the most gorgeous pics weve ever seen. 😍

iPhone : It’s not that I begrudge members of parliament a summer holiday it’s just that ... yes I do! Get back here right now you ineffectual factional wankers and sort out Johnson’s brexit mess before the whole country goes down the swanny. #BrexitShambles

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson More deceit from Liar Johnson. Of course he can spend more money on the NHS, but it won't come from a non-existent Brexit dividend. It will come from populist borrowing of 100s of billions of Pounds to paper over the Brexit cracks. A Tory legacy of debt for future generations.

iPhone : This letter confirms that Johnson has no negotiating strategy. He suggests (unspecified) alternatives to the backstop. And if they don’t work: further (unspecified) alternatives to the backstop. Why didn’t anyone think of that before!…

Twitter Web App : Brief an EU-Ratschef Tusk: Britischer Premier Johnson startet diplomatische Offensive zum Brexit… via Mindener Tageblatt (mab)

Twitter Web App : How others are telling it:
Boris Johnson wants the #Brexit Renegotiate deal. So far, the British PM wanted to lead his country without a deal from the EU. Now he writes a letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk:…

iPhone : Tony Parker will become the tenth player in Spurs history to have his number retired. He joins:

Bruce Bowen (12)
Tim Duncan (21)
Sean Elliott (32)
Manu Ginobili (20)
George Gervin (44)
Avery Johnson (6)
Johnny Moore (00)
David Robinson (50)
James Silas (13)


Twitter Web Client : Boris Johnson's father calls for 'cruel' halal meat to be either banned or labelled

Stanley Johnson, a former Conservative MEP, author & journalist, wrote in the Independent that he would be “happy to see” halal meat excluded from the UK after leaving EU…

iPhone : Once central, inescapable truth about the Boris Johnson letter

If he and his government had the slightest confidence in "alternative arrangements" then there would not be any concern about the backstop

For the backstop is only insurance for such arrangements not happening

Android : Even on his own terms, in his own universe, Johnson is a 24 carat chump. The one way not to secure what you want Is publicly to declare you are sure EU leaders are going to climbdown - offering no saving of face even if they were so minded. The negotiating stance of a cretin.