Twitter Web App : The dude who manages Bayern Munich looks like if Jon Stewart and Mads Mikkelsen made a baby

Twitter for iPad : Slavoj Zizek: “comentaristas liberales de izquierda, q generalmente son los más exitosos, como John Oliver, Jon Stewart y otros, no ven q burlándose de Trump de esta manera... no lo socavan. Simplemente vuelven más amargos y fanáticos a los q lo apoyan".…

iPhone : It's heartening to see so many American Jewish leaders speak out on the abusive nature of the Israeli occupation on TV news programmes that are having actual discussions about the occupation. When you think of how Jon Stewart was treated during 2014 Gaza conflict ... amazing.…

iPhone : Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity: time.

Jon Stewart receives a standing ovation from 9/11 first responders after slamming lawmakers for failing to fund programs providing healthcare to the first responders

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Twitter Web App : Peace Love & Joy Many faves were beyond dreams to hang with:
Pete Seeger (knew his entire fam for decades)
Dizzy Gillespie (burned a few with him)
Papa John Creach ( a sweet old violinist)
Lightnin' Chance (Bass player extraordinaire)
Dee Snyder, Jon Stewart, James Van Praagh, too many to list♥️