Spredfast app : On his birthday, we look back at the late, great Stuart Scott calling the highlights of Michael Jordans Flu Game in the 1997 NBA Finals.

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TweetDeck : Democrats are outraged about "cages" at border detention facilities. But guess who built EVERY SINGLE ONE: President Obama.

Enough of the politics. Let's secure the border and fix the problem.

Twitter Media Studio : James Comey said the Dossier was salacious and unverified.

Turns out that was an understatement. It was salacious and complete garbage.

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Android : Wealthiest celebrities in the United States, 2018. ($ billion)

George Lucas: 5.4
Steven Spielberg: 3.7
Oprah Winfrey: 2.8
Michael Jordan: 1.7
Jay-Z: 0.9
Kylie Jenner: 0.9
David Copperfield: 0.87
Sean 'Diddy' Combs: 0.82
Tiger Woods: 0.8


iPhone : Gym Jordan 🚿 🤼‍♀️ 🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️ twitter.com/belkissobadia/…

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Hootsuite Inc. : Size 8.5, 9 Black Cement Air Jordan 3 OG (2018) / $200 / Available now in-store and online. Open Mon-Sat 12-6PM. 5450 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15206. RefreshPGH.com.