iPhone : Business owners and hard-working Americans tell us every day how great the economy is under President Trump.

But now the Left is openly wishing for a “recession!”

It’s the clearest example yet: Democrats are desperate to stop the President, even if it hurts America.

iPhone : Did you know that Michael Jordan had:

🏀236 steals and 125 Blocks in 86-87
🏀259 steals and 131 blocks in 87-88

In comparison to others bests (not even in the same season)

Bird: 166 stls, 98 blks
Magic: 208 stls, 49 blks
Kobe: 181 stls, 67 blks
LeBron: 177 stls, 93 blks twitter.com/HistoryJumpman…

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Android : Assuming Derrick Rose gets his number retired, which of the post-Jordan era Bulls do you want to see get their number retired?

iPhone : Living in a refugee camp is not easy for anyone. But for mothers and children it is even worse. Help Syrian refugee women and children living in camps in Jordan by donating at alimdaad.co.uk/syria

iPhone : Well done to Jordan Carey who was top goal scorer on Sunday with 8 goals in 3 games. A great debut for your country 👏👏. #wales #socca #goals