Twitter Web App : You havent turned your mind to the fact that every newspaper in the country looks like its been redacted?

Kristina Keneally grills new AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw on his awareness of the #righttoknow campaign in #estimates

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iPhone : Senator Kristina Keneally raises questions on press freedom as she shows AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw copies of the redacted front pages of today’s Australian newspapers

iPhone : RIP to my Clayton Kershaw avi and header. Who would’ve thought us ‘sane’ baseball fans were going to get a World Series without the Dodgers or the Yankees? 🙌🙏👏 #Blessed #GoneButNeverForgotten #InClaytonWeDoubt

Hootsuite Inc. : Luck Companies uses lots of cool technology. Check out this video - Excited to visit their Kershaw Plant today - served by

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