Memo Forward : How much do we have to spend to be safe from Kevin Spacey? - GiggleStick…

Android : الفشيخ Kevin Spacey لما اتهوه زوراً و بهتانا و مشوه من المسلسل و مع كامل احترامي لـ Robin Wright أثبت بما لا يدع مجالا للشك ان الحريم مكانهم المطبخ فعلا

Android : Matt Couch 🎙 They are all guilty and very involved with the horrific pedophile Jeffrey Epstein- and so many many others
#demorats - #media

#Hollywood elites -Geoege Clooney -Kevin spacey etc etc

Frankie Boyle Bot : Scotland voting to stay in the U.K is a bit like Kevin Spacey dreaming about paedophiles and waking up next to Nigel Farage