iPhone : Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has quit the party over Brexit and didn’t vote for them at the European elections in May

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Android : Kat von Daftie Lewis Whyte Assuming you're reffering to Kezia Dugdale stating that Tory might be better placed to win over labour in only two constituencys.
If you remember Labour telling their constituents to vote Tory, your memory must be failing with you,
To do so would be political suicide.

iPhone : Donald Rock Emma Kennedy Dugdale stopped Corbyn being PM. Ruth Davidson played her & Kezia told Scots they should do anything to stop #SNP, that’s how terrified Labour are of The SNP, they’d rather we had Tories & dodgy DUP deals. Scots need to get rid of Westminster poison altogether.#ScotRef #IndyRef2

Twitter Web App : Blodders 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐑 Helen🕷#StopBrexit🔶☘🇪🇺 Benjamin Jones Jacob Rees-Mogg I wouldn't worry there is no way this will ever happen, even the Tories are not that stupid at the end of the Day, their Party will be finished permanently #brexitwillnothappen #StopBrexitNow independent.co.uk/voices/kezia-d… We will get a Ratifaction Vote which will stop it DEAD

Twitter Web App : Darren McGarvey Let's not lose our humanity.

I've supported both Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson openly in the public debate on their personal lives, although I would not vote for them.