iPhone : If Klopp is rock ‘n roll
If Guardiola is symphony

Then Mourinho is punk rock

and I like it

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Twitter Ads Composer : WHAT. A. NIGHT. 😍

Jürgen Klopp has been nominated for Great Coaching Moment of the Year for THIS comeback... 🙌🔴

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iPhone : Two minutes and nine seconds of Jürgen Klopp being Jürgen Klopp


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Twitter Web App : When you realize Stevie missed working under Klopp by just 5 months twitter.com/Zeeshxn121/sta…

TweetDeck : This is just how close Jurgen Klopp was to taking charge at Manchester United.... 😮

Android : Cali jugó los 90 minutos del clásico y lo hizo de la mejor manera, América apuró a falta de 2 minutos. Luego dicen que tienen a Klopp como DT. No se puede conformar con tan poco...

iPhone : Virgil Van Dijk Klopp knows exactly how to get the best out of me - by being critical. When the media are hyping me and being very positive, he will downplay the praise and all that, often with a wink.

Android : I think Jose Mourinho will do well at Spurs; the essential elements of his typical team are already there: good defenders, fast counterattackers, physical midfield. He's going to make them super-resilient mentally and tactically before Klopp gets him the sack in his third season

Guardiola - Man City (£20m)
Mourinho - Tottenham (£15m)
Simeone - Atletico (£13m)
Benitez - Dalian (£11.5m)
Cannavaro - Guangzhou (£10m)
Zidane - Real (£10m)
Conte - Inter (£9m)
Tuchel - PSG (£8m)
Valverde - Barcelona (£8m)
Klopp - Liverpool (£7m)

Android : Psssssssss y a todas estas:
Ya renunció el Sabio Tibetano?
El Oráculo de Santa Rosa de Cabal?
El Rinus Mitchell de Vereda?
El Pep Guardiola de Morro plancho?
El Jurguen Klopp de Abriaqui?
.El baboso Bielsorio Sanpacholi?