TweetDeck : PSG are reportedly interested in signing Adam Lallana.

Thats what the papers are saying.

The gossip:


Twitter Web App : Heres a hilarious headline to start your day off...

The Mirror are reporting PSG are looking at Adam Lallana as a replacement for Edinson Cavani.

Where do they get these stories from? 😂😂😂

Android : It’s not Johnson’s relationships with women or Russians per se that compromise his position & our nations so horribly. It’s his relationships with repeatedly lying & repeatedly getting away with lying. It’s not a flaw, it’s a modus operandi.

Android : My cousin Joseph Hogg has gone missing after last nights Liam Gallagher gig. Last seen around half 11 in Newcastle with no phone or money and without his shirt on. No sign of him on CCTV yet last seen somewhere near the Life centre. Please RT #LiamGallagher #newcastle

Android : Me when my girlfriend asks if Jordan Lallana still plays for Liverpool

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Android : The Tories said austerity was to pay down UK debt. It's almost doubled. They said we're all in this together. The rich have doubled wealth.

Don't let the Tories con you anymore.

Android : Germany's Corporation Tax is 30%
France's Corporation Tax is 31%

Jeremy Corbyn wants to raise it in Britain to 26%.

That is not exactly "Communism" as the establishment say.