Twitter Web App : Terrible news. What with the Leicester owner last year it just enforces my hate of helicopters . I have had to use them a few times but no more. They defy physics, and I am a qualified pilot.…

Twitter Web App : 4 - Manchester United have scored four goals in the first half of a game for the first time since September 2016 (v Leicester), while they last did so away from home against Reading in December 2012. Flurry.

Twitter Web App : Leicester, we are coming for you!

Chuck Salmon: Pool Noodles
14-15 Feb
King Richard III Visitor Centre…

iPhone : If it was a joke...
“Could someone go on to Ebay please and order the parts for the lift at Leicester Magistrates which has been broken for several weeks now Disabled Court users who can’t climb stairs cannot get into court” The CBA chair CarolineGoodwinQC

iPhone : TheBosnian1🇧🇦🇺🇸 #FCIM I’m very biased for sure but Chelsea &Tottenham 😂 United smh McGuire hasn’t played well until 3rd div squad arsenal and Everton are too talented to be that low. City is overrated but I like wolves, Leicester and Liverpool Defense of course. Van dyk chill and Morgan ❤️

iPhone : [#Mercato🔁] 🔴 Selon RMC Sport, Manchester United et Tottenham se sont rapprochés de lentourage dIslam Slimani pour un transfert cet hiver. Pour rappel, linternational algérien est prêté à Monaco par Leicester.

Quel dommage... 😐


Twitter Web App : Kev But we play with 2 'holding' midfielders mate

Leicester play 4-3-3 I guess with Ndidi being the only defensive midfielder.

Until we change our formation, I don't agree.

Android : Chuka tom JK He's used to possession based system at Leicester... He's a good ball carrier and can from the back

But he's got to cover for mediocre defending from LB and lindelof