Twitter for iPad : Jason Batchelor #GTTO Dr Lauren Gavaghan Your reply completely misses the point. Many, traditionally the majority of MPs had high levels of integrity including many Tories (Letwin, Grieve, Soames to name just a few). Johnson has none. His Trumpian contempt for the truth should be a worry for all of us.

Twitter Web App : Salma Yaqoob And let’s not forget that it is actually the Tory Party not Labour that is riddled with anti Semitism: Rees Mogg shouting “illuminati” at Letwin and Bercow, and close Tory links with openly anti Semitic Viktor Orban. The hypocrisy is astonishing. The media stays silent! #BBCBias

Twitter for iPad : Ben Habib Boris would have pushed the MayTreatyV.2 through if it hadn't been for Letwin. Then he promised 'Canada style by end of 2020 with no political alignment' & Nigel fell for it. #BRINO is all we're getting😰