Twitter for iPad : Did you see that British girl group Little Mix have won November’s Cybersmiler of the Month Award for promoting body positivity? Read the full article here… #LittleMix

Twitter Web Client : En la nueva #NPT: ¡Dale color a tu revi y gana muchos regalos!, horóscopos y predicciones 2019, ¡descubre qué te deparará el futuro este año!, pósters de: Taylor Swift, CNCO, Little Mix, Becky G, Why Dont We, Shawn Mendes, póster especial de CD9 para colorear y mucho más 🎄

Android : Cardi b mandó matones a unas chicas xq según ella se acostaron con su exmarido. Vive atacando a cuantas mujeres se le cruce y hace colaboraciones con tipejos machistas. 💁 sin mencionar el boicot q quiso hacer a Little mix, unas niñas q la están luchando desde abajo.

Twitter for iPad : Sweet Momma was a little nervous at first, but warmed right up by the end of her #PaulsPet segment and was ready to be our mascot! This 5-y.o. lab mix is a perfect lap companion. Find her at HES, 212 N. Highland Pk. Ave. in #CHA or get adoption info at:

Android : nunca vou perdoar o fato da one direction nunca ter feito um feat com a little mix

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Android : the fact that i got to see suju won something that isnt from korea awards is like super proud but mix of a little bit of sadness :')

Twitter Web Client : keep it up moron....every time you open your mouth, the stupid runs deep !
you are a child,who was thrown in the mix of ADULTS, and you couldnt think your way out of a wet paper bag little girl ! i truly hope,and pray,that you dont even get the chance to enter congress. #DOOMED !…

iPhone : Again:
Our President is unique in many ways. Want confrontation? He’s in. Want to mix it up and spar a little? Good deal. He doesn’t back down. Doesn’t apologize. Want to do harm to this country? Not on his watch. If this is too much to remember, take notes.…

iPhone : Little Mix is vrijdag in Nederland voor een rondvaart door Amsterdam, en jij kunt hier bij zijn! RT en comment 👇🏽 waarom jij hier bij MOET zijn! 🤩

p.s. Zoals in de foto al vermeld heb je tot woensdag nacht 00:00 om mee te doen, weet dus wel zeker dat je hier echt bij kunt zijn

Android : Ariana Grande- Thank u next
Little Mix- Woman Like Me
Anitta- Não perco meu tempo…