iPhone : Mourning a “celebrity” does not = lack of “consciousness.”

And sometimes, the death of someone we feel like we knew, but we never actually touched, triggers pain about the death of people we knew well.

We are on a brief pilgrimage here, reconciling life and death.

Love well.

iPhone : Surreal to watch Kobe Bryant’s final game again. I got emotional every time the cameras cut to Vanessa and his girls sitting courtside. You could feel the love they had for him. Gigi was losing it every basket Kobe scored. Hard to believe Gigi and Kobe are actually gone. 💔

Android : Smilingbandito This is actually really cool, you've used a bit of my banner. I could write part 1 at the bottom left with the logo and change the font

I love this for a layout idea! How long did it take you? Usually I just use the background, my head and the text for speed haha

iPhone : I love when someone remembers the little things about me, like it actually makes me feel like they listen and care about me.

iPhone : I wonder if there wasn’t 50k up for grabs would people even apply for love island just for the sake of ACTUALLY finding love? #LoveIsland

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Actually Rick Wilson got it right—as usual.

Many Trump supporters see ignorance as a virtue. And research shows they are among the least educated people in the U.S.

They love having a president they can relate to. He is as clueless and uninterested in policy as they are.