iPhone : President Trump just made the case for why his big, beautiful wall will absolutely *not* stop the deadliest drug crisis in US history.

Here’s our TODAY report from a year ago on how Chinese fentanyl arriving by mail is fueling opioid overdoses: twitter.com/jacobsoboroff/… twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

Twitter Web Client : Israel releases 8 years worth of mail to Palestinians that Israeli officials had been gratuitously withholding - just a small but potent symbol of the repression, cruelty and sadism of this decades-long, apartheid-enforcing occupying power apnews.com/1be6cc435a064d…

Media Studio : Israel blocked 10 tons of mail from reaching Palestinians. For up to eight years.

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iPhone : BREAKING: Daily Mail journalist James King flies out and harrasses Tommy Robinson whilst he is on holiday with his family. Secretly taking pictures, putting his wife and children in danger.

Tommy wants this shared EVERYWHERE and fast. Its being removed

#TommyR #FreeTommy

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Facebook : Information : notre ligne téléphonique est actuellement hors service pour cause de travaux. Si vous souhaitez prendre contact avec nous merci d'utiliser le mail ou Facebook.
Bonne semaine !

iPhone : Come along at 2.30 Sunday Byline Festival. I'll be talking about journalists failing UK journalism – e.g. why do Guardian/BBC/FT journos so rarely challenge lies & abuse in corporate papers? They talk big about holding power to account but turn a blind eye to power of Murdoch/Mail twitter.com/BylineFest/sta…