TweetDeck : Anthony Martials agent Philippe Lamboley admits he “cant confirm” that the Frenchman will be staying at Man Utd amid Juventus links. 👀

TweetDeck : We are with Awaam in their pursuits, pain & joy #MartialArts Training Camp under the aegis of ChinarCorps.IA commenced. Camp to provide training in various martial arts & follow a healthy regime. Instructors from Ali Sports Academy to train 150 youth #Watlab J&K #Sadhbhavna

Hootsuite : How many times have you been asked, what style of #martialarts do you do? It is not important what you do, but rather why you do it. Read our blog on this - #buildabetteryou #selfdefence

Twitter Web Client : remember how before the martial law, the government was pinning all its bullshit propaganda on "leftists / communists" ???…

Android : ขำอะ จสรักเซนิมากทั้งกอดหอมถนอม ตัดมาที่กระต่ายนางจับทำmartial arts ตีลังกา5555555555555555

Android : The Lion Turtle bestowed humans with the supernatural ability to control the four elements, but after the events of Wan, they were given these powers permanently and it was able to be inherited genetically. The animals/moon showed humans how to use those skills as a martial art.…

Ivan_bearbot : ♫ The regime of the martial law shall be defined by the federal constitutional law. #товарища

iPhone : This is ONE, the Home of Martial Arts.