TweetDeck : Just stumbled onto this story again from summer 2018, via the great Paul Schwartz

This was Ben McAdoo's QB ranking in that draft:

Josh Allen
Lamar Jackson
Sam Darnold
Josh Rosen
Mason Rudolph
Baker Mayfield…

Twitter Media Studio : A Browns fan turned their windshield wiper into a Steelers helmet hitting Mason Rudolph...

(via Bill OBrien/FB)

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Spredfast app : Someone really made a Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph tree topper 🎄😳

(via Steve Schneider)

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iPhone : Mason Rudolph after getting knocked out by the ravens

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Android : I think if the Steelers want a chance to win on Sunday they HAVE to start Mason Rudolph.

Home prime time wins:

Rudolph: 2
Hodges: 0

It’s clear that’s the obvious decision.

Android : Why couldn't Mason Rudolph be nominated? He could send his lawyer if he wins so that way he doesn't drop the N word AGAIN…

iPhone : Mason Rudolph: “I’m Good, I’m Good”
Zach Banner: “...”

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iPhone : It is interesting that “stick to sports” is a tactic on one side but not the other. When Mason Rudolph was MAGA-ing no one tried to silence him because we disagreed, we all just went about our business and felt less bad for him when he got hit in the head with a helmet.