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Maura is furious with Tom after last night’s antics, and with a dumping on the cards the girls are feeling the heat. Danny faces a tough decision as one Islander gets sent home, tonight at 9pm.

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iPhone : can’t wait for my kids to learn in history about how Maura Higgins ended toxic masculinity on ITV2’s hit show Love Island #LoveIsland

Android : Listado de heridos en accidente de bus afiliado a Sotracor S.A, a la altura de Tolú, Sucre:
Maura Guerra, María Díaz, Carlos Díaz, Nilmar Díaz, Miguel Contreras, Diana Herrera, Álvaro Pájaro, Valentina Hurtado, Yirle Pájaro, Danilo Ramírez, Virginia Paredes, Liceth Peñate...

Android : The EXACT same episode that Maura was screaming cussing and swearing. Did anyone call her aggressive??? Nah Fiat 500 can all go suck their nans

iPhone : Andrea Britton James Jordan Why would you want to be friends with girls that are disloyal They would do any of their friends over Maura tried to break Molly and Tommy Arabia manipulated Yewande saying she needed to know what Danny had said to get her hands on him mm lovely girls

iPhone : No one:

Love island producers when they’ve successfully made Maura one of the best parts of the show this year:

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iPhone : y Anna I guess it’s similar to the way everyone was bashing tommy for getting his head turned by Maura after telling molly mae he wouldn’t right? Oh yeah no one did but with Danny it’s a huge problem.

Twitter Web App : so it’s only after maura said she isn’t gonna fuck him that tom realises she doesn’t tick all his boxes? #LoveIsland

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