Twitter Web App : If you haven't noticed, #TaxTheRich is gaining momentum!!!

"The ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee as well as a top-polling presidential candidate have proposals on taxing the rich," says Maura Quint, Executive Director.…

Twitter Media Studio : This is about justice. Its about accountability.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey explains her states opposition to the Purdue Pharma settlement agreement.

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Android : Maura:Ahora todo es mmmm y tu papá mmMM y yo Mmmmmm
Jajajajja no puedo jajaja victoria ruffo #TeamMaura #CitaACiegas

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iPhone : void Someone recently taught me her definition of codependent—“a willingness to see others as weak or fearful”—something she now refuses to do. Ever. You don’t help from that perspective. You make people dependent on you to serve your own self worth.

Twitter Web App : Escena 3 en 1👌 #CitaACiegas

Maura y Salazar❤️
Pobrecito mi Angelito😢 Omar Fierro

victoria ruffo Arturo Peniche Anahí Allué