iPhone : Anna_MUFC Manchester United a fullback and Right winger is a must for me. I really want A Pereira to be given a go as squad player. Donโ€™t feel we need to buy a Centre Midfielder with Mctominay and him and Herrera as back up

Android : Sam Match of the Day BBC Sport Yeah ok. I think a three of Cairney, Armstrong and McTominay with Forrest and Ritchie supporting Griffiths should be the way to go. Centre backs aren't ready for the big games but should be enough for the fixtures in the autumn.

iPhone : Aidan Walsh I agree that players need time off, but like McTominay and Lingard have shown โ€” he should be going hard to force himself into the team, and havenโ€™t seen that at all from him

Mobile Web (M2) : As Man United fans, all we can pray for is that Scott McTominay is learning from Toni Kroos, an unbelievable player #MUFC