Socialbakers : Missy is a lively little crossbreed who needs an active home 🐶
She loves nothing more than playing with her toys! She needs a quiet adult only home & a secure garden 🏠
She is house trained and used to travelling in the car 🚗
Missy is DogsTrust Darlington 👉

iPhone : My favorite part of 🎃WOOKED ON CYCLOPS INVASION 🎃 set at Wakaan was when he played this portion of Work It by Missy Elliot & murdered it w some piano. NUT

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Android : Using Sulli?! Excuse me?? Missy, YOU were the one who mentioned ‘mental struggles’, literally few days after you posted a tweet meant to bully him. We’ve been asking you to delete that tweet for days?? And you continue justifying your hypocrisy through more hatred? Disgusting.