iPhone : This inaction by the DOJ in the death of Eric Garner shows they've turned their back on seeking & serving justice.

We all saw the same devastating video 5 years ago. Our eyes did not lie.

We'll continue to fight to reform a criminal justice system that remains broken.

Instagram : Vikings Photo Shoot @ Pine Grove Furnace State Park with JMS Photo Chasers. jmsphotochasersx3

Models: Missy Red Blosser and Melissa Danielle. cupcake_kisses_cosplay make_pretender
Gardners, Pennsylvania. June 29,… instagram.com/p/Bz_AQXlFMWc/…

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Twitter Web Client : 【三原じゅん子氏の演説に潜むズルさ】

iPhone : We make those choices for a reason... this not a missy elliott ‘work it’ vid where we flip and reverse shit😂😂💀 twitter.com/sorrowscopes/s…

iPhone : Biernot Hahaha wozu ich Leute bewege...made my day!!

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