Twitter Web Client : Jesse Lingard interview ahead of the World Cup, complete with chat about Instagram and his rating on FIFA.

Pretty sure Bobby Moore had basically the same chats back in 1966. : They came to me and said to create something that Hank Aaron and we would like, since he is going to make history.

Our Kelsey Wingert chats with Wayland Moore, the graphic designer of the Atlanta Braves 1974 retro jerseys.

#Braves | #ChopOn

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Twitter for iPad : What’s happening in American right now is not a lack of civility but a lack of courage.

All it would take is two Republican Senators to say we aren’t confirming a single judge or passing a single bill until every child is reunited with their parents.

Hootsuite Inc. : 5 Important Reasons to Take a Company Retreat. Call us today to scheduled yours. 844-367-0883

iPhone : A special Cornerstones in action edition of #TheCurriculum podcast. Melanie Moore visits Spilsby Primary Academy in Lincolnshire. The school have taken on the Cornerstones Curriculum and adapted it in creative ways to suit their school.… #UKedchat #SLTchat

Twitter Web Client : The definitive list of the top 15 prettiest men of all time:

15. you
14. can't
13. rank
12. them
11. because
10. beauty's
9. subjective
8. and
7. beauty
6. standards
5. have
4. changed
3. throughout
2. history
1. Darren Criss