iPhone : When the NCAA sees a student athlete putting lemonade in their water cup at Panera

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iPhone : ⚠️RIVALRY ALERT⚠️

Texas A&M soccer finds out it will host Texas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday.

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Android : I kinda hate college football!

The ranking system, and playoff selection process are the absolute worst thing in all of sports.

Not to mention the NCAA. It should just be scrapped and a new group started with the ATHLETES as the main priority, not the colleges or the coaches

Twitter for iPad : Jalen Rose on SportsCenter just called the NCAA’s ruling on James Wiseman “selective enforcing.” Quoted Jerry Tarkinian: “When the NCAA gets mad at Kentucky they put Cleveland State on probation.”

Twitter for iPad : We are Memphis Basketball season ticket holders. Am I considered a “booster”? I’m trying to figure out if I can buy fruit snacks and Capri Suns for my 7-year-old’s basketball team in case any of them end up wanting to play at the U of M in 2031. #ncaa #gotigersgo

iPhone : Evan Devould Jay Bilas “just a garden variety case of improper benefits” and Memphis will pay the price, never should have let Wiseman play after NCAA decision, cut and dried. etc. We will see if he says that to Penny’s face tommorow.