iPhone : Voilà la différence avec des français de papier... moi j’exprime ma gratitude et mon Amour à la France mon pays, pays des Lumières, des droits de l’homme, à l’histoire et à la culture si remarquables, à nos acquis sociaux si enviés, à notre école gratuite etc... ❤️ twitter.com/damocles_fr/st…

TweetDeck : Nadine Lustre is happy for having James Reid always by her side. It is him who reminds her to never doubt herself knowing how she would question her ability on some days. She also inspires him to do better. But settling down is still far from happening.


Android : Naddicts Official My Fav performance is White Shirt Love of Dangerous from The Revoulution Concert together with James 😍

Nadine Lustre

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Android : Abu Dhabi is the place to be.

Go go go to the Galleria.

Join the ultimate block party celebration.

Nadine Lustre
The Block Party #NadineAtTheGalleriaUAE