iPhone : No one should be bullied. This must stop.

Stop saying you’re gonna “impeach the motherf%#*er”

Stop saying Pelosi marginalizes you because of her bigotry

Stop making Jews feel unsafe

Stop comparing law enforcement to Nazis.

Just stop

Sprout Social : Listen to what we hear from the Squad:

It’s abolish ICE, it’s calling law enforcement Nazis. It’s anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Donald J. Trump loves our country and his policies are proof that he’s working hard for ALL Americans.

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Sprout Social : The Squad wants to “bring the fire” to migrant detention facilities, which they call “concentration camps.”

They compare our immigration officials to Nazis and the KKK.

They don’t want our borders secured – they want anarchy.

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Twitter Web App : Lindsay Ellis Tyrion's speech to the audience blaming us was far worse. Invoking Niemöller's "First they came" to equate Dany killing slavers and rapists to Nazis was one of the most insulting moments in TV history.

Twitter for iPad : I Am Incorrigible FCA MAAT LBC It will be fine. We have no fear of the Open Sea or of standing alone. The former gave us the worlds biggest empire and the latter stopped the Nazis.

Brexit makes us more nimble and more global. The EU is stagnating.

iPhone : Ben Shapiro Omar is an ungrateful brat who was rescued from the worst failed state on the planet but has the nerve to grand stand & spew hatred for America DAILY & smear millions of Americans as evil Nazis. She committed immigration fraud by Marrying her brother. A felony. She can go back

Twitter for iPad : Joe Biden Have you (Americans) ever wondered HOW the NAZIS came into power..? THAT is how it all started. HATE speech, leader dividing the nation into first and second class people...and we now what happened bc of this Gröfaz (German: greatest leader of all times)..#noracism !

iPhone : Nabeel Leroy Sané Bayern Munich had huge Jewish support and management, they were forced out by the Nazis. They were called the Judenklub by the Nazis, their players were symbols of resistance. There are some reasons to dislike Bayern but their history during the Nazi Germany isnt one of them.

iPhone : Jon Favreau Nazis. It’s the same mentality. And there is no point debating “racism” with them. Yes, it’s terrifying. We must focus all of our energy on voting them out, including doing whatever we can to make our elections more transparent & thus more secure by 2020. 1/

iPhone : I don’t care who gets annoyed by my retweet’s on this. An actual survivor of the HOLOCAUST is comparing ICE raids to NAZIS raids. #FuckTrump #FuckICE twitter.com/joshuapotash/s…