iPhone : For the brexiters saying “we survived the war we’ll survive Brexit” like you were dodging bullets on the beach of Normandy whilst still in your grandfather’s balls, here’s what someone who actually fought in the war thinks of your ridiculous project.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Trump: We are withdrawing troops from Syria because the Kurds didn't help us in WWII, Normandy for example.

Germany to Japan: Don't say anything.🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

BFD-Alert : Engine 24 Ladder 23 a Central Station Alarm. 94-96 Stanwood Street, Dorchester. Nearest Box 1794 DEVON ST & NORMANDY ST. 16:59

Twitter Web App : Mark Francois stormed the beaches at Normandy (just from very far away).

Android : Turks, the friends of Donald Trump. in 1941 in Ankara with Nazi officers which help them to build the structure of the New Turkish military system.
Did Turkey help usa in world war second in Normandy?

iPhone : Learning French in France is the best way to get a hang of the language. Check French in Normandy, a language school in Rouen, for courses for all levels. @study_french midnightblueelephant.com/how-to-learn-f…

Twitter for iPad : Bernie Sanders And my cousin stormed the beach at Normandy and then came home and beat the shit out of his kids for years - is he not an abusive father? It is what it is.