Salesforce - Social Studio : Mädchen oder Junge? Für welchen Octoling-Charakter habt ihr euch bei #Splatoon2: Octo Expansion entschieden?

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Android : So I was rewatching the Nintendo Direct where they announced Octo Expansion and I just noticed something. Not sure if it was an error, but there was a showing of Wahoo World where the game play was showing a clash blaster however they shoot a burst bomb

Twitter Lite : StudMuffin7 It’s a game that takes a interesting mechanic and utilizes it well and it encourages players to try new weapons and gear all the time, and while the normal single player is meh Octo Expansion is a blast.

Android : OctoBoy 🇨🇵 (Night mode is just dark while Splatfest mode makes the ink glittery and has that Splatfest vibe)

The ability to disable music/customise music
(Splatfest music in Turf War, Octo Expansion music in private battles, etc.) (2)

Android : There's some bits in Octo Expansion that are pretty annoying, but it has quite a number Grade-A moments througout. The final stretch in particular is amazing. It's very much worth $20.

Also, it's got some beats that are straight fire. I love it.

Google : Me gustó un video de YouTube Splattack (Octo) (Dedf1sh) - Octo Expansion - Splatoon 2 Soundtrack


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Android : Mlick 🇳🇬 I remember on my way back from school I was all hyped up to finally play Octo Expansion so I opened YouTube and the first thing that popped up was their video on the game's final boss :)